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The University of Colorado may feel a world away from the United Kingdom. And while visiting CU's campuses requires more than a day of travel, the university's reach extends internationally, including to the United Kingdom. Hundreds of CU scholars visit each year to advance their work in scores of academic fields, and far more CU alumni settle and work in the U.K. and neighbouring countries, communicating the high calibre of a CU education around the world.

Many of these international CU alumni support the university through their interests and passions, making a difference in a way that is most meaningful to them. Their generosity has significant impact on the work of our students and faculty.

Hazel Barnes"London is not only a center for research in English literature. It is a place that scholars of every kind might find important."
— Hazel Barnes, CU Boulder professor emerita

Hazel Barnes and CU Denver Professor Doris Schwalbe so valued the link between travel and scholarship that they left CU Boulder estate gifts of $3 million—requiring that the funds be used to buy and maintain a flat in London, for use by CU Boulder arts and humanities scholars. Graduate students and faculty began using a two-bedroom residence in Westminster in February 2011. It has been in regular use since as a base for research, conference presentations and collaboration with U.K. scholars.

"Universities vastly better endowed than us do not have anything like this," says Helmut Muller-Sievers, the director of the Center for Humanities and the Arts at CU Boulder. "It's enough of a motivator for a graduate student to come to CU, for example, and not to Princeton."

Barnes taught at CU Boulder for 33 years and is the namesake for the university's most prestigious faculty award, the Hazel Barnes Prize. Her translation of Jean-Paul Sartre's "Being and Nothingness" helped introduce existentialism to America. Schwalbe was a CU Denver English professor for 24 years.

By bringing CU to London and London to CU, these two women have truly built an international bridge that will benefit generations to come.

Building a global crossroads

The University of Colorado has launched an initiative to expand student and faculty exchanges around the world. Its goals include:


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