Living histories: Bequest makes student's dream possible

Stefan Huddleston

Stefan Huddleston is pursuing a master's degree in history at UCCS and is the recipient of the Wunderli scholarship.

Stefan Huddleston is honored and humbled to receive a scholarship funded by the vision and generosity of someone he will never meet.

Before studying history at UCCS, Stefan worked for a fire protection company, inspecting commercial buildings to ensure their sprinklers and alarms worked properly. When he was laid off in 2013, his wife had just finished her degree at UCCS.

The couple decided it was Stefan's turn to go back to school.

He first enrolled in community college, where his 4.0 GPA earned him scholarships to UCCS to earn a bachelor's degree in history with a minor in film studies. He decided to continue with a master's degree in history, receiving the Reisher and Wunderli scholarships.

"Both those scholarships had a huge impact on being able to continue at UCCS," he said.

A donor's incredible passion and generosity of spirit lives on through students like Huddleston, who expects to graduate in the spring 2020.

A UCCS alumna, the late Judith Price was particularly interested in the history of East Asia, China and Japan. She began teaching in the history department in 1990, where she became an award-winning educator who nearly singlehandedly taught and ran the departmental curriculum in Chinese and Japanese history. Before her death in 2012, Price made a bequest to fund a scholarship to benefit UCCS undergraduate and graduate students in history.

"I've always loved history and had a passion for it," Stefan said. "I think that history gives us a road map of where we've been. Understanding how we got to be where we are now has always fascinated me."

He hopes to blend his passion for history and film by making documentaries about marginalized people and their struggles for equality.

"As an African American man who returned to education as a nontraditional student in his 40s, it's awe-inspiring to know that opportunities like this exist," he said. "It's vital and so amazing that there are people who are willing to open not only their hearts but their wallets so others can pursue their passions. You can't overstate how important or impactful that is."

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